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Includes three charts: Four Pillars Natal Chart, Ten Year Luck Cycle Chart, and Nine Year Annual Calendar Chart. Also includes extensive details and a written report. a 60 minute phone consultation. Life issues and concerns are addressed in detail . Charts and report are individually calculated and printed for you and sent as a printable PDF Phone appointments are made based on availability and your convenience.Allow enough time to read your charts and report prior to phone call. A land line number is preferred.

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It was wonderful working with you today also! I very much appreciate the wisdom and insights that you brought to my reading. Your description of my personality and the areas that would benefit from some balance were spot on and I will be sure to put your suggestions into effect since I could see that they would definitely be helpful to me. I also loved how you went over the ten-year charts and this upcoming year since this information will be very useful to me in making career and other life decisions. I can tell that you sincerely love helping others and are truly a master at what you do. Lucky me to have been referred to you!!

I do hope to study with you one day because I can see that you bring more compassion to this art than others who might stick more rigidly to ancient Chinese interpretations. When walking through the energetic map of someone's life with them, be it past, present or future, I would think that compassionate caring and a desire to be of service are essential for engendering an open and receiving heart in the client and I feel I could learn this by studying with you.

I hope you get your book written soon as it could shift the old paradigm towards a gentler, and still effective approach (qualities which will be much needed during these next 4 years). And I'm so glad that you are open to continuing to teach even while you write. Hopefully, the teaching and writing will end up fueling each other and being very complimentary. And when you find the right programmer for your software, I could totally see 4-Pillars students clamoring to purchase both book and program!

Alina Cruz - Feng Shui Practitioner and instructor San diego, CA

Dearest Yasha - Your reading was better than SEX. I understand so much more about my present life and what I can expect for the future. You helped me to understand the difficult situation I am facing and what I can do about it. I am feeling a lot more optimistic that everything will work out well for me. I will recomend you to all my friends.

Genevieve - Paris, France

That reading was so inspirational Yasha, and connecting with you was absolutely delightful! I'm very grateful - a stellar example of primary resource ;-)

I forgot to mention that this evening I am on my way to do a personal retreat for 4 days. Perfect timing for creating the space to integrate all you shared with me!

G.M. Geomancer -Fort Collins, CO

Hi All..
A personal share! my session with a chinese astrologer-four pillars chart approach.

Just wanted to share this with you because I recently had a session with Yasha Jampolsky. After my session with him it was evident
that he was a highly talented and gifted (and very intelligent) astrologer. I thought some of you may appreciate knowing about him.
He's been a hidden "gem"(at least from us!) It covers all areas of your life-from work life, relationships, personal purpose, and health.
It allows you to see the areas in your life where you may need to "shift' order to achieve more balance. so so helpful!

I have had many interesting and helpful reads in the past by different and accomplished astrologers, but
Yasha's approach was FANTASTIC and UNIQUE. He was very simple to understand, very clear, gentle and positive in his approach/feedback.
In addition, what I really LOVED(and why I' m sharing with chiropractors) that he offered coaching along with the charts explanation. He really made it user friendly with direct PRACTICE tips on how to Both Satisfy my own needs and life purpose along with building my practice at the same time...He also clarified some things I was struggling with. For me, personally..that was priceless..
I found his entire session extremely insightful, accurate, and user friendly into my daily life. In addition, he offers follow up life coaching, if you desire that. There's a lot more I can say but if you'd like to know more , just call him or email me!

Dr. M.R., a chiropractor in Manhattan, sent to her professional women's group of 70 about women:

After a brief phone call during which I advised Mr. C. of the impact that the changing energy of the current solar month would have on him he wrote:

So, I walk into the meeting on Wall Street with this evaluation and development group -- great group of people with big connections. I told the gathering which included a team from N__, of our conversation, and that you told me I had to be especially mindful this month of the demons "in me" and "outside" as well. My colleague Y__________ made the point to emphasize the "demons in me" are the ones she is most concerned about.

This was the first time we met with the group -- though we have had conference calls. Anyway, what a perfect opening you provided to a very important meeting that turned into a love fest, and the group, for the first time in its history, applauded the meeting at the end no less! We are growing stronger! Thank you Yash for the pep talk and insight.

See this piece I stayed up late last night finishing. It will be published in SW/Connecticut & Albany/Capitol Region Hearst papers soon -- maybe it will bust out to other media markets as well. One never knows.

Love E .

This letter is from E.C. Phd. One of the country's top Education Consultants. Perspective educational advisors to the White House, Documetary filmaker, Author, Lecturer.

Dear Yasha-
This evening I received your email about the Year of the Dragon. The past few years have been very difficult for us. My husband developed health problems that resulted in his becoming disabled and he lost his job. My adult son also became disabled in a construction accident and even though I myself have CFS I am the most functional of us all, which is pretty scary if you think about it. However, when I get your columns I feel soothed and inspired and uplifted and I thank you deeply for them because they bring hope and light to a dark place.
I wish you many auspicious blessings and peace and prosperity for the coming year.
S.S. Long Island


You are so intuitive and fabulous. Thank you so much for the love and wisdom you are sharing with us. I feel a spark of positivity and
clarity as a result of our conversation today.

K.K. - Jewelry Designer N.Y.C.

Yasha wove a consistent narrative in and out of the detailed elements of the Four Pillars Chart in a way that really hung together and was both historically illuminating and aspriational for coming periods. The session was based on a theme of essential nature, of tendencies and of reflexive actions....and thoughtful actions. It arms me with thoughtful, supportive metaphors about living my life grandly and rightly. The reading operated on a far more evolved plane than the predictive bromides I've received in other readings. I enthusiastically recommend it for thoughtful self-explorers who want a cosmic and almost vedantic frame of reference to the interplay of themselves and their world.

- Scott - Corporation Restructuring Consultant -NYC


I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation with you yesterday which gave me a lot of food for thought. So much of what you told me really resonated, and I'll be sitting with the information to absorb it more fully.

A.B.- Feng Shui expert- NYC

I am so thankful for our phone consultation today – I have thought of little else today! I appreciate your time and talent and can’t wait to share all the success that are mine to have with you in the future!
All the best,

Sheree Vincent, Allied ASID

1st Place Winner 2012 ASID Design Awards
Voted 2012 Peoples Choice Award

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